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Hello all. Thanks for tuning in to my travel blog.

You’re probably wondering by now, when is she leaving? Well, my program begins Tuesday, August 28.  I haven’t bought plane tickets yet, but I’ll probably fly in the day before. I’ll update this post as I make more official plans. The program ends December 16, but I’d like to stay a few days or weeks later and travel around a little while longer. I’ll definitely be back at PLU in time for J-term, which begins January 3.

Speaking of which, anyone got any recommendations on where to buy plane tickets from? Particularly sites that offer student discounts? I checked out Lufthansa’s website but those rates were pretty steep, there’s got to be something better out there. What do you use?


The plane tickets have been bought! My official date of departure is Monday, August 27 and I will be returning home Thursday, December 27. Exactly four months, how exciting!

I will arrive in Berlin the day my program begins and stay 11 days after it ends (in case you can’t do math). During those 11 days I will be traveling around–I’m not exactly sure where yet–and wind up in Bavaria for Christmas with my wonderful host family, the Meyerhofers, from GAPP 2009. I’ll be flying back from Munich.

Again, thanks for reading my blog. To stay updated on what I’m doing, click “Follow” in either the upper left or the toolbar to the right. I’m super excited for this trip!

P.S. I bought the plane tickets from Student Universe, like Sachi suggested!


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