Danish lessons, Friday bars and drunk cycling

It’s hard to believe that three weeks have gone by already. I’ve settled into a routine by now, and our group has for the most part settled into the cliques we will presumably stay in for the rest of the year. Continue reading “Danish lessons, Friday bars and drunk cycling”

Erasmus Mundus: A Whole New Adventure

My senior year of undergrad, I was looking for all sorts of ways to go back to Europe. I applied for a Fulbright in Germany and Austria, a DAAD study scholarship, and a couple of journalism fellowships. I didn’t receive any of them, so I started applying for journalism jobs. But since I wasn’t ready to relocate outside of Washington, my options were pretty limited, and I dunno if you’ve heard but journalism isn’t exactly a growing field.

Comm majors getting ready for graduation! I'm third from the right.
Comm majors getting ready for graduation! I’m third from the right.

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