Name: Alison Haywood

Current location: Hamburg, Germany

Occupation: Content strategist, storyteller, digital native

Hobbies: Travel blogging, plant-based cooking, pole dance

Alison Haywood is an internationally-published American journalist with a bad case of the travel bug. When not working or writing, she can be found in major European cities sleeping on couches, writing in coffeeshops, and falling off bicycles. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Communication and German from Pacific Lutheran University and a master’s in Journalism, Media and Globalization from Aarhus University and the University of Hamburg. This is her personal blog to document her travels and keep family and friends updated on what she is doing.

Alison got interested in international travel during a month-long high school exchange program to Germany in 2009 and has been jumping at every opportunity to return to Europe ever since. She fell in love with Berlin during a semester abroad with IES in fall 2012, and earned the opportunity to go back six months later when she received a scholarship from the German government to do a journalism-intensive program called internXchange. The program began with 6 weeks of intensive journalism courses followed by a 5-week internship at one of the most widely-read newspapers in Berlin, and ended with a week of traveling in the U.K.

Alison recently completed a master’s degree with Erasmus Mundus, a European organization whose goal is to get non-European Union students studying in the EU, and EU students studying in other European countries. She spent the first year in Aarhus, Denmark and is currently in her second year in Hamburg, Germany. She loves to travel to new places whenever time and money allow. Learn more about the program and check out her bio in the Erasmus Mundus Blue Book – Globalisation is You.

She likes to blog about culture, classes, current events, history, politics, sightseeing and travel. She’s spent Christmas in a different city every year since 2012 and likes to blog about holidays as well.

Alison is interested in paid freelance writing opportunities for news organizations, travel sites, blogs, online magazines and the like. For her complete professional portfolio, including journalistic works in English and German, visit alisonhaywood.wordpress.com.

Follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated on her latest projects. Follow her on Instagram for picturesque images of Hamburg in the fall and carefully posed vegan food.

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Copyright (C) 2020 Alison Haywood

All photos on this blog are taken by and property of Alison Haywood unless otherwise indicated.


One thought on “About

  1. missruslee

    Hey there, love your detailed updates on your life in Aarhus. Will be there for the same programme this year, looking forward to it!

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