Nijmegen: The Dutch city that was the summer capital of Europe

Nijmegen. This small but vibrant city, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands close to the German border, has a couple of uncommon claims to fame.

It is the oldest city in the Netherlands and is more than 2,000 years old.

It was carpet bombed during World War II, meaning relatively few buildings more than 50 years old still remain.

And it is the self-described “summer capital of Europe.”

Nijmegen is located at the bend of the river Waal. As with most Dutch cities, cycling is a popular mode of transportation.

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Lovely times in London town

Sometimes you take a trip for the purpose of seeing a city. Other times you do it for the purpose of seeing friends. My most recent trip to London definitely fell into the second category.

Throwback to summer 2013! Edwin, Dan and I on a double-decker tour bus in London.

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