Street Art (finally…some photos!)

Walking around the city with some newly-made friends from IES, we passed an artist drawing a landscape of Berlin on the sidewalk. I stopped to take a picture, and was about to walk away when what I learned in Photojournalism class kicked in and I decided to stop to talk to him.

Martin Zill is a street artist in Berlin. According to him, some years ago street art was very popular, but he hasn’t seen very much of it recently. He uses chalk and charcoal to draw on the sidewalks. His art doesn’t have any deeper meaning, he just sees pictures in his head he likes to realize.

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2 thoughts on “Street Art (finally…some photos!)

  1. Zorra

    That’s such a shame actually, now that you’ve pointed it out! Chalk art was always one of those things that was just so charming. You don’t see people doing much of it anymore, but I suppose it’s hard when a lot of people are walking the sidewalks a lot!
    …Maybe we should just get a bunch of kids and give them chalk and tell them to go crazy on the sidewalks. Street art is not dying it YET! 😀

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