Alison eats a Döner

Alison eats a Döner

Me eating a Döner at the famous shop at Rosa-Luxembourg Platz in Berlin. Döner is a common German street food which has recently surpassed in popularity both Currywurst and pizza. The dish originated in Turkey and was brought to Germany (Berlin in particular) by Turkish migrant workers after WWII, but it has now developed independently in Germany and I’m told it’s actually quite different today than the Döner eaten in Turkey. It’s related to the Greek gyro and Israeli schwarma. Honestly, I don’t know the difference between the three. Döner in Berlin is usually served on a grilled pita-like flat bread with meat (or falafel) on the bottom, shredded lettuce in the middle, and onions on top. It varies between different places what else you’ll find on it, but some usual suspects include tomato, cucumbers, and/or red cabbage. This particular shop put big slices of Feta cheese in there, too.

Fact: There is no graceful way to eat a Döner.


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