I need your help.

Dear friends, family, followers and fans:

I’m going to do something here that I’ve never done before.

I’m asking for help.

My beloved camera (with a borrowed lens), which was recently stolen from me.
My beloved camera (with a borrowed lens), which was recently stolen from me.

As many of you know, I spent my Easter break traveling through Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It was an incredible trip and I look forward to writing about it in-depth on here. The ending, however, turned sour: On the final leg of my journey, on a train back from Copenhagen to Aarhus, my backpack was stolen from an overhead luggage rack while I slept.

I don’t own many valuable worldly possessions, but that backpack contained nearly all of them that I do own: my laptop, my camera, and an external hard drive containing every interview I’ve recorded, every video I’ve edited, every photo I’ve taken and article I’ve written from the past five years. Needless to say, this has not only been very emotionally distressing for me, but has also been a huge detriment to my academic work, as I have had to plan my studying around the library’s opening hours and borrow computers from friends. My professional work is also suffering, as I’ve been unable to write articles or transcribe interviews without a computer, and I haven’t been able to provide photos for articles. As I need my computer for class and need a camera for my work at Jutland Station, this situation needs to be rectified immediately

Therefore, I’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign to help me raise the money to replace my stolen goods. The camera was out of warranty, the computer had been bought secondhand just two months prior, and I don’t have this household insurance thing my Danish friends keep asking about, so it’s up to me to gather the money to replace my items myself.

After doing some internet research, I estimate I can buy an equivalent camera secondhand for $450, I will need to spend at least $500 on a new computer (including insurance and accessories), and a 1TB external hard drive is about $100. Therefore, I have made the rather liberal goal of $1200, which I hope to achieve by my birthday, June 4. (I need to replace the items ASAP, but even money trickling in over the next several weeks will help offset the cost and keep me from going broke this summer).

Before you donate via the crowdfunding page, please consider donating to me directly. As with most crowdfunding sites, YouCaring detracts a 5% fee from every donation. I have a Danish and an American bank account and can accept funds in the form of cash, checks, money transfer, PayPal, and MobilPay. Please email me at haywooaj (at) plu (dot) edu if you would like to donate directly.

To donate via the crowdfunding website, click here.


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