Hamburg, hard drives, and assorted observations

By now I’m settled into a pretty steady routine of studying, socializing, and living. I go to class four times a week – twice to Danish lessons and twice to lecture. I go out on Friday, and sometimes Saturday too, and do all the normal cooking/cleaning/grocery shopping things in between.

Last week there was a break in the routine as the lovely Edwin came to visit me for five days.

The lovely Edwin as we walked through Godsbanen. I promise I’ll write about Godsbanen soon, okay???

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Being a tourist in my own city (and in Copenhagen, too)

Last weekend I got a visit by the illustrious Tommy Flanagan, a fellow PLU alum who’s currently  teaching English in Germany on a Fulbright.

Me and Tommy. This is my "ecstatic" face (not really)
Me and Tommy

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