Berlin in der Nacht (Berlin at Night)

A couple weeks ago I took a weekend trip to Berlin to visit my old friends and enjoy the city I fell so deeply in love with just over two years ago.

The famous Fersehturm (TV tower), visible from nearly everywhere in the center of the city.
The famous Fersehturm (TV tower), visible from nearly everywhere in the center of the city. View from in front of the Rotes Rathaus (red city hall) at Alexanderplatz

Friday night I went to a cabaret/burlesque show called Berliner Luft: It’s in the Air! Since photography was not allowed at the venue, and I’m morally opposed to stealing photos that don’t belong to you, I will direct you instead to the event website, the venue website, and the event’s Facebook page so you can see for yourself. I sat next to a lovely tourist couple, a woman from Australia and a man from Japan, and had a nice chat about where we’d been and what we thought of the city. I’m not sure why but I was really keen on going to Kaffee Burger that night, so I talked them in to coming to Rosa Luxemburg Platz with me, where we ate the famous Döner place nearby, the name of which I’ve once again forgotten. We wound up going to a club right next to Kaffee Burger instead because the music sounded better, though it turned out to be an eclectic mix of electro, pop, jazz and hip hop. We were all quite tired, so we called it an early night at 2am.

The rest of the time was mostly spent running around, doing cheap shopping, helping out some incredibly daft tourists (“What? You mean I’m supposed to have a ticket to ride the train?” and “Oh, I can leave my backpack at a hotel luggage room instead of carrying it around all day?”) and visiting friends. On a frigid Sunday evening, I decided to walk around the city at night, one of my favorite pastimes because I love the lights and the energy on the streets. I borrowed a friend’s Nikon with its 18-55mm kit lens and took a bunch of night photos. It was freezing, but it was fun.

The Volksbühne (Peoples Stage) at Rosenthaler Platz.
The Babylon Theater, also at Rosenthaler Straße. I once saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show here. During this time they were advertising A Clockwork Orange, though when I was there Lolita was about to start and I decided not to go.

DSC_0014 DSC_0016

The bear is like the mascot of Berlin. These Berliner Bär statues are all over the city, all painted differently. This one is at the subway station at Alexanderplatz and has a map of the Berlin public transit printed on it.


Alexanderplatz. This is one of the most central, most touristy parts of the city. Not many people were there on this frosty evening though.
Das Rote Rathaus (the red city hall) is visible to the left down the street. Also at Alexanderplatz.
The Rathaus (city hall) lit up at night. There was a construction site directly in front of it while I was here, hence the awkward angle.
A memorial for a man who was brutally beaten and killed in this spot a couple of years ago. Although it was a horrific crime and reflects badly upon the city, I think the fact that it was such a big deal says something about how safe Berlin really is, because violent crimes like this are so rare.




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